Loka Yoga School
Taryn Weggelaar | Founder

"To do what you love, and feel that it matters, how can anything be more fun?" 

Growing up by the pristine coastline in Western Australia, with loving parents who also enjoyed frequent camping adventures in the outback, Taryn was constantly surrounded by nature.  She believes all these natural elements were her first teachers to broaden her awareness to the lasting wild beauty of life.

Taryn loves ‘all things yoga’. She embraces all yoga styles and enjoys learning about herself through practices that offer a challenging vinyasa format, where postures are linked together, as well as a gentle or yin approach where poses are held for a longer period.

Her teaching approach utilises a progressive format where postures are built step by step and grow in complexity towards a challenging or pinnacle posture (asana). She has an inclusive attitude and integrates the use of blocks, belts, straps and blankets to make the postures accessible and to invite challenge. Creative sequences and a fresh minded view of the world lead to classes that move students towards their full potential and inspire the desire to look for the good.

Layering alignment instructions with reminders to connect and move with the currents of the breath, Taryn uses themes emphasising yogic philosophies that celebrate individual expression and encourage reverence for life.

Skillful corrections and assists, therapeutic adjustments and a vision for detail, accentuated by instructions that enhance her student's feeling of strength and grace, are hallmarks of Taryn's teaching style. Her strongest desire is to be of service and to remind each student to connect to the power of their own inner light.

Although she first experienced yoga when she was 16, Taryn devoted herself to the practice of yoga in 2008 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) since 2013. She completed her training in Australia and is currently an independent teacher at the E-RYT 500 level. She has specialised in teaching in various yoga studios, corporate yoga and sports teams (including both the Australian men's and women's Olympic hockey teams).

Teaching in Australia, India, Indonesia and internationally for 5 years, as well as running yoga teacher training courses in India and Bali, she has logged over 4500 hours of teaching experience with Yoga Alliance. As an avid practitioner she embraces all styles of yoga. Being an ardent student, Taryn participates in advanced Yoga studies to further her understanding and ability to serve others.

Realising and understanding the benefits of experiencing yoga in it's homeplace of India, and with wealth of knowledge and contacts with local Indian and Tibetan friends throughout North India, Taryn loves sharing her experiences through the annual 'Journey Through North India' retreats.
Olav Aarts | Founder
Yoga needs time.  Yoga is known by yoga.  All wisdom is already within. That’s the path.  There are no mysteries.“

Dr. Olav Aarts has over 20 years of Traditional Hatha Yoga experience.  Offering masterclasses, intensives, teacher trainings worldwide, Olav lectures on the origins and developments of yoga traditions and other Asian religions.  In 2013, Yoga Magazine named him ‘Yogi of the year!’.

Trained by yogis in the Netherlands and India, he has profound experience and knowledge of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha, dhauti and kriya.  Olav has been practicing Vipassana meditation since he was 17.  He has also experienced living as a monk (or ascetic) in monasteries in Burma, Nepal and India.   

Holding a PhD as a sociologist of religion, Olav worked at the Department of Sociology at Radboud University Nijmegen. Olav travels regularly to the Middle and Far East and has lived in England and Indonesia.
Olav’s passion and focus is on the history of yoga, chakra philosophy, didactics, Hatha asana and Hatha pranayama.  

His Hatha yoga classes are taught following the traditional method. This traditional method also implies that techniques are being done for longer periods at a stretch, depending on the student’s level. This intensifies the experiences, both physical and mental. Additionally, he pays great attention to the philosophy of yoga.

More info can be found about Olav at: http://olavaarts.com/