Loka Yoga School

Student Testimonials

Judith van Sundert, 33, The Netherlands 

Thanks again! 
Perfect is the word that comes up if I look back at the YTT of Taryn and Olav. They are complementary to each other, so I got inspired by 2 wise & passionate teachers. In a great environment I learned about a broad variety of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, tantra yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy & anatomy). 
Taryn & Olav both have beautiful hearts and you will definitely feel that. The program is an amazing set up to prepare you to feel ready as a yoga teacher and as bonus, it is life changing for your own personal grow as well!!


Leonardo Kucuk, 25, Denmark

My experience with Olav Arts and Taryn Weggelaar has definitely changed my life. They are not only loving, compassionate and thoughtful but also very professional, disciplined and knowledgeable.
During my stay, I always had the feeling that our safety and well-being was of utmost importance and that helped create a safe environment to practice and grow - not only as a yoga teacher but also spiritually.
My expectation was to pass my exam and walk out with my certificate…and I left with SO much more!

Christina Becht, 36, Germany

I didn’t choose this yoga teacher training - this training chose me!
As I arrived to the venue, my watch stopped and retrospectively this was the sign that a new time, a new chapter, a new life is going to begin for me. Because this yoga teacher training was a life changing experience. I didn’t only learn lots about yoga, the history of yoga including Patanjalis Yoga Sutras and anatomy but -and maybe more importantly- lots about myself. What I want from life and what my purpose might be here in this world. I loved every second of the course, even though it was not an easy going journey but rather a challenge - physically, mentally and emotionally. The teachers Taryn and Olav were the best I could ever imagine to guide me into my yoga teacher journey. They complimented each other just perfectly and delivered the training with so much love and compassion, not to note that they are highly experienced and professional. As they are. Thank you so much! From my heart to yours- NAMASTE!

Danny Cartlidge, 38, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

It’s hard for me to put in to words the gratitude I feel towards the energy, enthusiasm and selflessness that both Olav and Taryn showed towards guiding me through this life changing experience.
They went over and above; not only giving me a thorough education and training in Yoga postures, philosophy and anatomy, but supporting me through my inner journey which was an inevitable part of taking the time out from the normal rigors of daily life and immersing myself in this powerful transformational experience.
Through the Yoga philosophy classes and posture labs I have deepened my understanding of Yoga and this has strengthened my connection with myself and given greater meaning and depth to my practise and sharing of yoga.
Taryn inspired me with the energy she brought to each and every day, always putting our needs before her own, she epitomises professionalism as yoga teacher and taught me amazing cueing, alignment and a huge variety of sequences which will last me a life time.  I am grateful for the amazing facilitation ideas and for her love of ecstatic dance, she assisted me in overcoming my fear of dancing and opened up a new outlet for my creativity and self-expression.
Olav taught many complex ideas in way that was easy to digest, he has a great sense of humour and does his best to answer any questions that arise no matter how peculiar they might sound. I particularly enjoyed the discussion style learning, splitting off into small groups and reporting back our learnings. I was grateful that he has chosen this path to pass on his wealth of knowledge and experience and enjoyed hearing about his many inspiring life experiences. I was inspired by his authenticity, his humble nature and his dedication to the practise of yoga.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to deepen their practise of yoga in a safe and supportive environment, to develop yourself as a human being, to make some new friendships and life-long connections and to learn a high level of professionalism and skill should you wish to teach.

Samantha Dickson, 33, Australia

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was the best experience of my life!  With many options out there I wanted to make sure I found a teacher that really resonated with me. I found myself connected with Taryn and I jumped straight in.  From the moment I arrived, I could feel her genuine care and she creates a loving nurturing environment around you while you learn.  I found her enthusiasm and passion to be contagious and her professionalism in her classes and teaching impeccable.  For me it was her heart and her approach that impressed me. I learnt so much from her wealth of knowledge through anatomy and asana but also in our morning practice. I am so thrilled I was able to be apart of this course with her. I feel like I have received a solid foundation and I have the confidence to go out there and actually teach. Olav's teachings complimented Taryn's perfectly. I quickly was in awe of him and his journey. He is incredibly intelligent, spiritual and is definitely 'the real deal'. He is also down to earth and grounded and offers such beautiful support through out the process. His asana classes, pranayama and meditation is life changing. I honestly feel so lucky I was able to learn from these amazing people. What a start to this journey. I walked in thinking I wanted to deepen my practice and may be volunteer at work as a yoga teacher but I left finding a burning passion I never could have imagined. I love sequencing, planning classes and actually thrived delivering the practical exams. I enjoyed every single minute of this training.
Thank you so much! Life changed forever.

Katie Bennett, 20, UK

The yoga teacher training course at Cosmos Oasis is something that I will never forget. Taryn and Olav are both exceptional teachers who, when put together, are a real force to be reckoned with. They share such an impressive and vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of yoga, as well as a deep passion for teaching that was just contagious. As teachers, they were always so encouraging, attentive and dedicated to us as students. Their teaching styles were consistently varied, dynamic and thorough, and they taught the course in a very engaging and effective manner. I found their energy, drive and presence extremely inspiring and, to me, they made the teaching of yoga a true art form, which is something I didn’t even know was possible. 
This course has really allowed me to grow as a person and I have come away with not only a passion for teaching yoga, but also a new-found confidence within myself as an individual. The other people on the course were honestly the most genuine, kind, warm-hearted people I have ever met in my life and after just a few days, we already felt like family! 
I feel very honoured and privileged not only to have gained my qualification from a yoga school as amazing as Cosmos Oasis, but also to have been taught by teachers as gifted, talented and authentic as Taryn and Olav. This has been a transformational and life-changing journey, and the memories I have come away with are ones which I will treasure forever. Cosmos Oasis has given me so much confidence and self-belief in my own teaching capabilities and I cannot wait to see where this qualification will take me in the future! I started the course as a girl who had a keen interest in yoga but who felt unsure about the world and what it had to offer; I have come away as a self-assured young woman who has fallen head over heels for teaching yoga, who has gained some wonderful friends for life, and who has been given a taste of what living a life of purpose and passion is truly all about. 

Erin Bruce, 33, Australian 

Taryn and Olav are the absolute teacher dream team! Their constant dedication to making us the best possible teachers is inspiring and I definitely feel like I was set up to succeed as a new teacher. It was a challenging but rewarding course that went far too quickly. I wish I was still in Bali! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to further their knowledge of yoga and philosophy. Thank you so much Taryn and Olav.


Petra Florian, 29, Austria
When signing up for this yoga TTC I have to admit that I had high expectations based on what it promised on their website. I was open and ready for a life-changing experience without knowing though, what that would really involve. What I got from this TTC, however, exceeded every expectation I could have possibly had and, indeed, changed my life. This journey is different and these 4 weeks are only the beginning. Taryn and Olav are two incredibly inspiring humans and the best teachers on the planet. They are an amazing team and complement each other perfectly offering a very broad and wide spectrum of different styles and ideas to get inspired by and for you to find your owns.
One of the most beautiful things on this course was the wonderful and safe space they created for us, in which I felt loved and accepted the way I am and could fully embrace my own true self without any judgement. They put so much love and effort into this, which made me feel so endlessly grateful for every single day with them. If you asked me what I would change about the TTC, my answer would be: nothing! Absolutely nothing! Everything was perfect exactly the way it was. And if there had been something you felt could have been improved, Taryn and Olav were always there for us and they made sure that you had the time of your life.

Vanessa Le, 20, American 

I participated in the 200-hour YTT lead by Taryn and Olav at Cosmos Oasis and the experience was nothing short of life changing. 
The schedule we followed was clear, concise and well-organized. We covered not only asana, but the philosophy, anatomy, and business side of yoga as well. Because of this 200-hour YTT I've been able to dive deeper into the world of yoga and learned so much about myself in the process. My experience overall was profound and I look forward to practicing with them again. 
Taryn and Olav are both very knowledgeable about their craft and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. They truly are setting up their students for success on and off the mat. 


Melanie Malherbe, 45, UK 

In July 2018 I joined the 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Taryn and Olav. 
My main aim with doing the course was to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga, and not necessarily to become a yoga teacher. 
I thought the course was very well put together and thoughtfully prepared by Taryn and Olav. Both Taryn and Olav have heaps of experience in practicing and teaching yoga. But experience really doesn’t count for much if you’re not able to convey this to your students. This is where I feel so lucky to have chosen this specific course over the others that were on offer. I thought the teaching team were exceptional in the way they were able to share their knowledge and experience but most of all the way they were able to ignite a flame of passion for yoga within me and all my fellow students. It really is thanks to their enthusiasm, encouragement and sensitivity that they were able to guide us on our personal path to self discovery. 
The course curriculum was very good and I felt that we were given a very thorough introduction to the history, philosophy and practice of yoga, and that this will serve as a very good base to further develop our understanding of this great philosophy in our own practice and lives. 
The immersive nature of the course really played an important part in this too. We were so well looked after and really didn’t need to think about anything except internalising what we were learning day to day. This nurturing environment combined with the daily schedule of meditation practice and study gave me a very clear insight into a way of life I would like to pursue and realise in my own life back in London. 
I think most important of all was that I now feel quite clear that I would like to share this incredible philosophy and practice with others and will actively seek out teaching opportunities when I’m back home. 
An all round life changing experience that I urge you to take if the opportunity arises.



Tracey Harding, 54, Western Australia. 

Taryn has a lovely energy about her, she leads classes that flow well and encourages me to try challenge myself within my own practice. Taryn has a knack for helping everyone, regardless of how experienced they are. She understands that each body is different and requires different techniques. Her gentle encouragement and friendly demeanour is a delight to be around.


Bonnie Blewitt, 33, Western Australia.

Taryn is such a passionate and inspirational yoga teacher and practising with her has had such a positive impact on my life. I walk out of every yoga class with Taryn feeling lifted, happy within my self and ready to take on the world.  No matter the class size or range of abilities, Taryn meets everyone where they are at and guides them to push past the limits they set upon themselves. It is clear Taryn loves what she does, and that love and passion is felt amongst everyone who is lucky enough to practise with her. I am very grateful to Taryn for inspiring a love of yoga within me.



Sophie Joyce, 24, Western Australia. 

I started yoga about 2 years ago with Taryn. I had never tried anything like it before so I didn't know what to expect. I was used to high intensity workouts, weight lifting and running. I barely made time for stretching and was always sore and had a lot of problems with my hip flexors. So bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night in agony from the pain and the cramping - being so young, I knew I needed to do something to make them better.
As soon as I started yoga I told Taryn the problems with my hips and she taught me a lot of poses that were specific for hip stretching and opening. I have never looked back since starting yoga, I have noticed such a difference not only in my Body and flexibility, but in my frame of mind. I would walk into a yoga class stressed and frustrated and walk out of there feeling amazing. Taryn has so much love and care for her students and for that I am forever grateful.


Adam Williams, 33, Western Australia.

I have been practicing yoga for just over 2 years now. My first class was a long time coming as I put it off and put it off but finally I committed to a class which Taryn was teaching. As it was my first class I was nervous and a little shy, not knowing what to expect. All of which was pushed aside with Taryns warm and welcoming nature. She made me feel welcome straight away, which made me feel so much more comfortable, from this moment I knew I would be making as many of her classes as I could.  Besides her gentle, caring, lovely nature Taryn has been the most diverse teacher I have had over my 2 year yoga journey. Each class was filled with new positions and new teachings which always kept the classes fresh and exciting. After every class I always felt like I had improved my yoga. I always looked forward to seeing Taryn and participating in her classes, cant wait till I can participate once again.


Cathleen Jean, 36, Western Australia. 

In 2016 I joined my first committed yoga class with Taryn, who ignited my flame back instantly after a long time break from yoga! I felt this inner peace and happiness again, even on the first class I did with her. Within a few classes of learning from Taryn, my body was feeling so relieved and I was a lot calmer. Taryn informed me that she would be moving to India to run teacher training courses and I did feel a bit sad because I thought I had just found my yogi teacher again! And then she was moving on, but seeing the beautiful message in this, was that she actually helped me get back onto my path. I am now practising yoga as often as I can, at least 3 x a week. I was feeling also so excited for Taryn. Moving to India to teach, how amazing! I also want to go on and learn to be a yoga teacher and to be taught by Taryn, which I will be committing to in September this year 2016. I’m so excited about what the future holds and this yoga journey I’m (back) on. Thank you so much Taryn!



Fernando Baptista, 33, Western Australia. 

Taryn’s energy and passion for what she does is contagious. I found her knowledge and commentary delivered a greater focus in my poses and my practice in general. My favourite element of her teaching style is the knowledge Taryn shares with students on the yoga mat. I found myself becoming curious about how I practice yoga and the benefits of regular practice.  
I recommend yoga to anyone looking to explore well-being. I highly recommend Taryn as a passionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher that can guide you on your own journey.



Virginie Bibeau-Novert, 23, Quebec. 

I met Taryn in Rishikesh in India where I did my Teacher Training Course in January 2016.  I had such a good impression when I first met her. I instantly felt good straight away, she has such a great energy! I have not met many people in my life who are as passionate as Taryn is about her profession. She is very confident in her teaching and she always strives to help achieve the best out of her students. I feel really grateful, lucky and proud that I had the chance to be taught by Taryn.



Dr Victor Gomez, 38, Columbia. 

I met Taryn during my TTC in Rishikesh. I have met other yoga teachers but Taryn is the type of teacher that you really are looking forward to meet. She is so dedicated and so skilled that really makes your practice unique. She knows every different variation of each asana and while performing the asanas, she does it with a rhythmic pace that you will not loose the fluidity of the movement. Her knowledge in Sanskrit it is a plus. you don't have to go on a notebook or book to find out the meaning. I found that very helpful during my training. Besides the teacher perspective, Taryn is a great person, always smiling and willing to help you in every aspect. To go to India requires a physical and emotional effort. Taryn is always there to guide you in your Journey. I am grateful that I met her and I really hope to practice again with her.



Elissa Sundman, 30, USA.

I had the pleasure of having Taryn as my teacher during my 200-hour TTC in Rishikesh in March 2016 and I'm so glad that I did! She exudes passion and is extremely knowledgeable. The energy that she brings to the studio is contagious and I found myself wanting to work harder because of it. Taryn was always encouraging, always available if you needed her and always smiling! What I learned from her I will carry with me for the future of my yoga jou



May Khoo, 27, Western Australia.

Taryn is the most positive and beautiful yoga teacher I have met to date. I enjoy her fun classes where I always come  out of feeling energized and refreshed. She is always so encouraging and helpful to her students. I am always happy and feel safe to learn and try new poses with her around! Her knowledge really shines through during her classes. Her guidance is very nurturing  and I personally benefit so much from it. Thank you Taryn for sharing your love of yoga and positive energy with me!



Kate Campbell, 30, Western Australia. 

In July 2018 I joined the 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Taryn and Olav. 
My main aim with doing the course was to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga, and not necessarily to become a yoga teacher. 
I thought the course was very well put together and thoughtfully prepared by Taryn and Olav. Both Taryn and Olav have heaps of experience in practicing and teaching yoga. But experience really doesn’t count for much if you’re not able to convey this to your students. This is where I feel so lucky to have chosen this specific course over the others that were on offer. I thought the teaching team were exceptional in the way they were able to share their knowledge and experience but most of all the way they were able to ignite a flame of passion for yoga within me and all my fellow students. It really is thanks to their enthusiasm, encouragement and sensitivity that they were able to guide us on our personal path to self discovery. 



Shane Rowles, Western Australia. 

I was always impressed by Taryn's knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how she connected with her students on both an individual level and a class level.
I found her teaching methods fun, very easy to follow and motivating to try the next level of difficulty. Taryn's Yin & Yang classes were so enjoyable (even though I left looking like a drowned rat haha!). Her classes provided me with an opportunity for personal, physical and mental development, leaving the classes feeling like I was walking on a cloud. This complete centred feeling has left me totally addicted to yoga!